Just Blend It – lunch on day 2

My modified lunch today was ‘tuna mayo jacket potato’… this is how it turned out! Despite how it looks, I actually quite enjoyed it & I can recommend seasoning mash to make it less boring.


I wanted this week to be about trying ‘normal’ meals that I typically enjoy for lunch, and thinking about how I would have to adapt this if I had dysphagia. This was quite a tough meal to prepare in terms of thinking about the fact that both components needed to be changed; I had to remove the skin from my jacket potato and then mash it all up, and I also had to blend the tuna. The way the meal looks really did put me off, so I decided to add the paprika not only for flavour but also to add a little colour to the dish. I feel this did definitely help the meal become less bland and boring, and more like something to be enjoyed.

I haven’t been doing this challenge for long, and have only modified lunch today, but I am already really beginning to realise just how much of an impact this would have on the life of an individual. You constantly have to plan in advance and the act of grabbing a quick snack on the go is actually quite a big task. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like going out for a meal; it was tough enough when Mum and I took Grandad to Costa when he needed his drinks thickening!

I don’t wish for anyone reading this who has or knows someone with dysphagia to be disheartened; I am sure there are plenty of ways to begin to enjoy your meals, and to adapt this diet to your life in a way that is easier to manage than how I am finding it right now.

There is always hope, so keep on fighting!


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