Second Year SLT Placement

Second year at uni on my Speech and Language Therapy degree is absolutely flying by! This coming Tuesday will be my 7th week of clinical placement, which I attend on a day release basis for 10 weeks. I am LOVING my placement. I am working with a client group I haven’t had much experience with previously; children with Autism.

Within the weeks I have been there, I have:
– administered some formal assessments (TROG, ACE, CELF)
– made observations of clients in an informal setting
– attended meetings with other professionals and clients’ family members
-worked alongside a paediatrician
-created session plans
-sourced and created resources for my sessions
-carried out the sessions
And I am sure that in my remaining few weeks, I will do a heck of a lot more too!

I was extremely anxious before the placement commenced about so many different aspects. One concern in particular was that I felt I wasn’t ‘qualified’ enough to be administering assessments and carrying out sessions. But with the encouragement and support of my amazing clinical educator, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and making the most of every single opportunity I can.
Gradually I am becoming more and more confident, and last week my clinical educator said that I was naturally suited to this job!!! That is such a HUGE compliment and made me really happy, and motivated me even more to continue working hard in order to succeed at university, so that in the future when I am (hopefully) qualified, I can be that clinical educator who is inspiring students and helping build up their confidence that they are able to do whatever they put their minds to 🙂



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