After watching the BBC documentary ‘Life After Suicide’ a few evenings ago, I have found the confidence within myself to publish my thoughts on this issue. I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the team of people who worked to put that documentary together; it really helped to watch and I feel it will help to start the process of removing the stigma of suicide, for the survivors of suicide.

The stigma surrounding suicide is just unnecessary and needs to stop as it makes the grieving process even harder for the loved ones of individuals who have taken their own life. People who judge need to stop and remember that the majority of people who take their own life are ill; they may have depression, anxiety, a physical illness that makes them feel like they just do not want to live anymore, etc. No one would take their own life if they were in a state of mind where they could see the devastation it would cause; the pain and heartache that would be brought about by it. It is not an intentionally selfish act, even though to the people left behind it definitely feels that way some of the time.

Words literally will never be able to describe the absolute agony of finding out a loved one has taken their own life. You feel like a tide of negative emotions has just knocked you down, and it keeps washing over you, dragging you into a stormy sea, then back to shore when you think you’ve finally come to terms with it all, only to be dragged straight back out into the deepest darkest ocean again. It is horrific. The unanswerable questions, the guilt, the resentment, the shame, the sadness, the rejection, and many many more negative things.
So when on top of that there is a stigma surrounding the whole situation, it makes it much harder to deal with. It feels awkward to talk about because it is a taboo subject that everyone has strong and differing opinions on. And whilst I am all for people being entitled to their own opinions, I feel that a stigma surrounding suicide does not need to exist.

In my opinion, I feel like people need to talk more. Watching the documentary the other evening really made me realise that it is okay to talk, and that the emotions we experience are acceptable and expected. Through Angela talking openly on the documentary, as well as the other people she spoke to, it makes the talking process begin. Yes, it is hard to talk about and it is a really sad topic, but talking is part of the process of coming to terms with everything. I think it is healthy to talk about it.

It’s okay to talk ❤

If ANYONE reading this feels they need or want to talk to someone, there are so many different organisations you can get in contact with. I have listed 3 below, but it is easy enough to find many more from a quick search on Google.

Also, if anyone reading this feels they want to talk to me about anything, then I am more than happy to. I have no expertise or qualifications or anything to help with, but I certainly have a big heart and am ready to listen and talk and try and help you through anything. This world can be a really horrible place, and I want to try and do a little something to make my part a little bit brighter.

*The intention of this post was not to say that I agree or disagree with suicide, I simply wanted to raise awareness of the fact that the judgements people make and the stigma around it are really not helpful to the families who are bereaved*


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