Motivational Moments #11

I found this on Pinterest and thought it was a really sincere and genuinely motivational quote, and it certainly makes you feel like you have the power within to get through anything. 
Terrible, horrific events that will stay with you and affect you for life, can happen. But this quote reminds you that you have the strength within yourself to pull through and regain a new form of normality. It may take time, but you have the ability to deal with it.

The world can be such a cruel place; many people are struggling, in pain or feel stuck where they are with no escape. Some feel they haven’t got enough within them to get through life’s battles. But I want anyone who reads this to remember that you DO have the ability to get through things. And please please please NEVER give up. If you ever need a chat, I am happy to listen and try and help in some way. 

***Also in this post, I would just like to make a special mention to my absolutely AMAZING best friends who are always there for me, through everything, and never fail to comfort me and help me see a way through things. Maz, Raz & Em – you’re the best, thank you 💟

And to my wonderful family and Sam – love you always, thank you for all being so supportive.***


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