Summer 2016 (so far)

I can’t believe it has been over 2 months since I last posted! But my reasoning is because it is SUMMER!!!!!!! and I have been busy having a fantastic time. In fairness, I have 3 posts in my drafts that I started but never finished, so maybe I will complete them in the weeks to come.

In brief, the things that have been keeping me busy this summer time (so far) are:

  • I found out that I had passed my first year at University (wahooooo!!!).
  • My boyfriend Sam came home from New Zealand after over 4 and a half months.
  • I met up and spent quality time with my Nanny who I haven’t been able to see as much during the year due to the thousands of hours dedicated to my degree.
  • I celebrated 4 years of being with my boyfriend and marked the occasion by a trip to London.
  • I went on a family holiday with my Mum and Dad to the beautiful Greek Island of Rhodes.
  • I have enrolled for my second year at uni, doing a course I absolutely love.

So all in all I have had a very fabulous and busy past couple of months, but I will DEFINITELY post more now the hectic part of summer has passed 🙂


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