Motivational Moments #9


I absolutely LOVE this way of thinking about the word ‘fear’. I’ve made my choice today- to Face Everything And Rise, because that’s the only way I will get to where I want to be in life. Forget Everything And Run won’t eliminate any difficulties, it often just leads to prolongation of problems which can even end up making things worse, and it certainly doesn’t help to progress towards a goal.

Tomorrow I have got my viva exam which I have been dreading ever since we were first told about it right at the beginning of the academic year. It is a 30 minute spoken exam which consists of the examiner questioning me about a piece of coursework I’ve written, which was based on an interaction I recorded back in December. To add to the stress, the exam gets video recorded for the purpose of moderation, which is making me so nervous just thinking about it. So today I felt my post should 100% be a motivational moment!

Please leave a comment with any motivational quotes/posts you have come across! 🙂



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