Building Confidence

Yesterday was my first day back at uni after 3 weeks off and it was lovely to see all my friends again and catch-up with them; it felt like we had hardly been away when we all got chatting again. But then reality kicked in when I rolled up to my second lecture of the day and got told we were splitting into groups, checking out different adult assessments and then presenting back to the whole group in an hour (if your group got picked). WHAT?!

I was really nervous because as much as I love speaking to people, it’s a whole different thing standing up in front of 40 other students (many of whom are older than me and have done other degrees before this one) PLUS the lecturer. It’s safe to say I was on edge the whole time, in case our group got picked to present. And sure enough we did. We were the 3rd group to get picked, and when the other groups before us had been presenting, at least 2 people stood up from each group. But when it was my groups turn, I stood up and no-one else from my group did. So I was literally presenting on my own in front of a whole lot of people. Don’t get me wrong, everyone on my course is lovely. But that did not help me at that moment in time when my whole body felt shaky. I did it though, and managed to communicate across all the different points we needed to make about the different adult assessments, even the complex things like the normative data and whether this was reliable and valid or not.

I proved to myself yesterday that no matter how scared or nervous I feel, nothing is impossible. Yeah I fluffed up some of the things I was saying, and it was visible that I was nervous due to my shakes. But I did it. And I honestly feel so proud of myself. Little steps like this honestly do help to build up confidence over time, so when the day comes when I may have to sit in a multidisciplinary team meeting and tell the whole host of doctors, physiotherapists, OTs, social workers, nurses etc about my client, I will be able to do so without shaking; without fluffing up my words.

Putting yourself out their and pushing your limits outside of your comfort zone is genuinely so empowering. It’s the scariest yet best thing you can possibly do in terms of building up your confidence. So go for it guys! Do something today that helps to build your confidence. Because I can assure you that when you are in bed waiting to get to sleep tonight, you will feel so proud and it might just put a big smile on your face 🙂


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