Appreciate the little things

Today I really want to highlight the importance of appreciating the little things in life. This is something I have always felt quite strongly about, and weirdly it’s always been in my nature. I cherish the tiniest of things; I keep hand-written envelopes from loved ones, write down my favourite little memories, save the corks from champagne bottles that we’ve had for celebrations… the list goes on. I’m known in the family as a hoarder!
I definitely inherited this off my great-gran (Nanawin, who I have spoken about in several of my posts). I still have the plastic toy from a McDonalds Happy Meal that I rescued from my Nanawin’s cupboard when we were emptying her house after she passed away- it’s a figure of Fiona from Shrek! She had kept it in her ornament cupboard for several years as a reminder of a fabulous day out we went on together. This seems so small but it really does make me smile.

In a world that can sometimes be so cruel, the little things should be cherished and appreciated. All too often I take things for granted, but every now and then, something will come along that really hits home and reminds me how lucky I really am. Unfortunately the inspiration for this blog post has stemmed from some bad news my family have had to process today. We got told the awful news that a family-friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We’re all absolutely devastated and clearly this news has really shaken us. My thoughts and prayers are with our friend and their family and I am even more determined than ever to try to raise money to help charities such as Cancer Research UK find cures for this nasty, life-changing disease.

Today has really shown me that no amount of money can buy happiness or health, and no-one can predict what the future holds. So try to make the most of every minute of life. Even those mundane tasks will be things that upset your loved ones when you are gone because you’re not there to do them any more. It’s really hit me hard today, and I’m struggling to process it all; even though I’m not personally particularly close with this person (they’re more my parents’ friend), it has still really affected me and shaken me up.

Any advice would truly be appreciated on how to deal with this, as I am a person who sometimes struggles with anxiety and things like this can obviously make me even worse than usual, which is expected. I really wish there was more I could do to help, but there truly isn’t. So the main thing we can all do is appreciate the little things more, live our lives to the full a bit more and try our best to raise money and awareness to battle these awful illnesses.

Thank you x



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