LDR #1 -compromise

In any type of relationship, you have to be willing to compromise; it isn’t always possible (or necessary) to have everything your own way all the time, and it’s important to take into consideration the other people in your life. Sam and I are pretty good at compromising as we talk things through together and understand each other well, so this hasn’t been too difficult for us 🙂

It’s pretty important now that he has moved approx. 11,352 miles away (that sounds so far!) that we remember more than ever about compromising, especially with the issue of the time difference. Things got confusing this week as up until Sunday, he had always been 13 hours ahead of the UK time. As the UK time went forward an hour, I’m now trying my best to remember that it’s only a 12 hours difference! Due to the difference, it means that to get chance to speak to each other we have to get up a bit earlier than usual and stay up a bit later than usual. Obviously we don’t do this everyday, as sometimes we need an early night or are busy etc. But more often than not we have to compromise on our sleep, or stop mid-way through watching a programme to call each other before the other person gets on with their day.

I know the way I have worded that isn’t brilliant, and almost makes it seem like it’s such a chore but it honestly isn’t. Personally, I feel it has made me more organised as I know in the back of my mind that Sam will ring at about 9-10ish, so my work/shower/jobs needs to be done before then, so that I can relax and have a proper conversation. I think that if you care about a person then compromising isn’t such a big issue; I want to make time to speak to him, because I care about listening to how his day has been, or how he’s feeling. Just like with my best friends and my family- the key to compromise is love.

SAM SAYS: “It’s important that both people in the relationship compromise because otherwise the other person will begin to resent them. And that’s throughout a relationship, not just if one person moves away.”

As always, comments are appreciated: suggestions of topics, tips of advice or general comments. Thank you 🙂


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