Magical Memories

(I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve been super busy, but have lots of posts lined up so will be updating soon!)

This is just a quick post about a magical memory that reoccured this evening. A few years back my great-gran (my Nanawin) sadly passed away. On that evening, me and Mum were stood in the garden letting the dog go out before bed. We looked up to the sky and there was just one star shining so brightly, and no others could really be seen. We decided that it was Nanawin, letting us know she would still be here and looking over us all the time. It perhaps sounds childish to some, ridiculous to others, but to me it was truly comforting.  Just because she’d passed away didn’t mean that everyone would just forget about her, we would still have plenty of reminders and memories to look back on.
Bizarrely, since then, I have seen on several occasions just one bright star in the sky- including tonight! It always puts a huge smile on my face, and still comforts me now.
To anybody reading this who has lost someone they love, look for the simple things that remind you of them. It may be something that you feel would sound totally daft to someone else, but that doesn’t matter. It’s your memories and it’s important for you to do the things that help you through.
Comments are always appreciated and welcomed. Thank you x



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