Eye opener

I’m currently sat typing this, watching the BBC programme ‘Famous, Rich and Homeless’. It shows 4 celebrities sleeping rough on the streets of London for a week, in aid of Sport Relief, to highlight the realities of it. I’m genuinely fascinated by it and have been deeply affected by some of the things I have seen already.

I am guilty of simply walking quickly past homeless people with my head down, muttering ‘sorry’ and hurrying on by because I feel scared and uncomfortable. How heartless is that? Some of the people who find themselves homeless would love just a good chat and to be made to feel like a real-person; not just a nameless individual who people don’t care about. I desperately wish I was braver and was able to just go and sit and talk to some of the people I see sat on the streets of Manchester, to try and get to know them and understand their life. From now on I am going to try and make more of a conscious effort to do more to help others. I know full well I won’t be able to go tomorrow and sit next to them, this is a goal I will have to work towards. But I will definitely look them in the eye and say ‘good morning’ or even just smile. Anything but avoiding eye contact will be a positive step forward.

From watching the programme and listening to some of the individuals stories, it has seriously opened my eyes up to see how quickly and how easily people’s lives can be turned upside down. It’s a pretty terrifying thought and has genuinely deeply touched me. I lead such a privileged life which all too often I take for granted and this programme has brought this to my attention. The things that some of the people on this programme have been through it awful. In particular there were 2 men who had been in the army and came home to find their lives torn apart; one of them found his wife in bed with another man. He spiralled into alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism and this led to him becoming homeless. Not everyone who sleeps on the streets shares the same stories, and this really hit home when watching this programme. I definitely think this is a fantastic way to challenge stereotypes, raise awareness of the problems of inequality within this country whilst at the same time raising money.

What an incredible programme. I would recommend anyone and everyone to watch it, as it will really hit home how lucky we are. God bless all the people who are struggling in any which way at this time; I hope they all stay safe tonight and find the strength to keep on fighting.


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