Lucy’s Life – LDRR

LDRR is a term I associate with A-Level Psychology. It stands for Long Distance Romantic Relationship and I learnt about it for an exam last year. Little did I know then that I would be using it in real life just under a year later!

My boyfriend Sam Atkinson is a competitive swimmer- he’s been swimming since he was 7/8 and has progressed and become an amazing athlete. His talent, mixed with his sheer determination, has led to him competing against Olympic athletes in international events, breaking records at his club and becoming an individual who the younger children at his club look up to.
At the end of 2015, his coach (whom he made lots of progress with) moved to New Zealand, leaving Sam and his club with a new coach. This was fine but he felt like he wasn’t making as much progress since his old coach had left, and was considering what he should do. The same night that we had that discussion about whether he should move clubs (and if so, where to), his old coach contacted him and suggested that Sam could move out to New Zealand to continue his training there with her.

And that’s where our story starts.

I have been thinking about where I want to take my blog next, because as much as I love my uni course, I sometimes want to talk about other things too. So.. I have decided that I will start another little series of blog posts, writing about my experience of a LDR and being completely honest. At the time Sam mentioned about moving away, I was so worried. I did my usual routine of Googling all the questions I had in mind; would the relationship last? How had other people coped with their best friend moving so far away? I seemed to have 101 questions that I wanted answering, but I could never find anything that really explained what it would be like, so I have decided to write my answers to my own questions, and hopefully somewhere along the line it will help someone else in my position. Any questions, comments or tips of advice would be much appreciated and I will keep the blog updated about Sam’s experiences and his feelings on the situation too 🙂


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