An hour a day, keeps anxiety away

I would love to be able to be writing about that fact that I have completed all my assignments and am feeling prepared to start revising for exams. However, if I did write that, I would be lying. And I don’t like lying.

So instead I am going to talk to you about my intentions. By the 18th March I will have handed in my research report, both parts of my child study and also the write up about my video viva. When it gets to that date, I will feel incredibly relieved. But because of that I am aware that I then may begin to slack, so I am forward-thinking and writing this post to my future self, and anyone else out there who may feel the same as me!

After the deadlines, I need to get my backside in gear to prepare for my exams. I am aiming to do an hour of each topic each day… to keep the anxiety away (or at least at bay!)
Hopefully by doing this, I won’t feel overwhelmed with work but at the same time will be steadily eating away at the amount of revision I have to do. Obviously I will probably do more than an hour of each topic each day on some of the days, but my absolute minimum will be an hour each day. That way I will effectively make use of the time I have before exams, so I can say that I gave it my all 🙂


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