Pardon? What? (Audition)

Despite the panic when I saw that we had 52 lecture slides to cover in 2 hours, and the dread when I saw how complex it all looked, I actually found learning about audition (the process of hearing) in my bio science lectures, quite interesting.

I’ve been completing my notes on it tonight and have enjoyed labelling all the diagrams and colour coordinating my notes (as always!). There are so many complex parts and procedures that all make up our hearing system and it is important that we try our best to keep it all safe and healthy as damage to our ears can affect us greatly.
I have learnt that there are 3 ossicles (small bones) that play an important role; they help to amplify sound and also have muscles attached to them which protect them from loud sounds. This is vital as loud noises can severely damage our ears. Examples of this can be seen in movies- when a character is shot in the head from a close range and blood trickles out of their ear, this is when their ear drum has burst due to the incredibly loud noise of the gunshot.

I’ve already learnt many different things in my bio science lectures that previously I had never heard of, which I absolutely love as one of my hobbies is learning new facts. My love of learning and passion to become an SLT provides me with the inspiration and motivation I need to power through and write up my notes, read over them and revise them 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have managed to learn something new!


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