Coursework, Christmas & Revelations

So today I have got all the plans in place to complete one of my pieces of coursework that contributes to one of my big exams at the end of the academic year (and one of the most scary sounding exams ever). My video viva.

Basically I have to read a book with a child and interact with them about it, and then speak to an adult who knows them afterwards. The original bit in itself is okay, even if I am a little apprehensive about videoing myself speaking to another adult about their own child.
But knowing I then have to watch the videos back multiple times, write a piece of coursework about them AND THEN have an exam about them, which consists of speaking to an examiner about them for half an hour (whilst being recorded) is more than daunting. In fact, the thought of it makes me so nervous that I hate thinking about it!

-Since I first started writing this post I have actually completed both sessions. I was absolutely terrified going round to complete it, I was shaking ridiculously but I got through it and managed to keep my nerves under control (just about!) I am so proud of myself- if 2015 has taught me anything, it’s how to be more confident, strong, determined and positive. Yes, the session probably could have been better but I have to remember that I am only just starting out. I’ve only been at uni since September and already since then I have grown as a person; I’ve put myself in positions that I never possibly thought I’d be able to get through on my own. I’ve been stranded in the middle of somewhere I didn’t know because the bus didn’t turn up on my way to placement on my first day (despite me having done a practice run the week before which had been successful). I’ve solved problems on my own without having to rely on others like I used to. I’ve not been afraid to admit that I’m struggling and have asked lecturers to clarify information for me. I’ve got involved in uni life even though I’m a commuter, and through doing so have become friends with some of the most amazing people (who I’m really missing seeing everyday!)
I know it’s a cliché thing to say but I really do feel like already, uni is shaping me into a better person. I’m beginning to teach myself how to make the best out of bad situations. I’m learning from others that sometimes I need to stop being so hard on myself and beating myself up about not achieving perfection all the time.

Life is for living. It doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect all the time. If you are reading this, please remember what I have said; don’t worry about trying to achieve the best, look the nicest, have the most perfect sounding life. Just be you. Hang out with the people you love, do your hobby with pride. Listen to your favourite songs without needing to refer to them as ‘guilty pleasures’. Life is for living.. so live it up!


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