Commuter Conundrum

I’m sat in Uni writing this post, sheltering from the stormy weather before I embark upon the hellish train journey home. I was only in 1-3 today which is a rarity in itself, so the next train home is 15:49. But one thing that baffles me everyday is that everyone promotes commuting using public transport to save energy costs etc. Yet the conditions of public transport are awful. Thankfully by the time I head back to Uni after the Christmas holidays, my journey is supposed to have a lot more carriages on the line and so I should hopefully have a smoother journey to Uni. But since I started in September, every day is a chaotic battle to get myself (and the whole contents of my bag) onto the train! I pay a hefty sum each month for my pass but sometimes have to wait for an hour at the station whilst 2 trains pass by as they are too full for me to get on. It really grates on me somedays, but I always try to remember how lucky I am in the fact that I am able to travel to Uni each day and have the opportunity to learn and experience new things each day.
Another thing that baffles me is the sheer lack of consideration that some people have for others..
My condundrum: why are some people so rude on public transport? We are ALL trying to get somewhere on time. We are ALL annoyed at paying a lot for a fare but not having a pleasant experience. We ALL don’t enjoy being squashed up next to one another. But surely we can still all use our manners and common courtesy. When a lady on crutches is trying to get on the train.. help her on- don’t push in front of her and make her day even harder. Little simple things can have a big impact on the days and lives of others, and I think we could all do with sometimes taking a step back and thinking about our actions in terms of helping others.
Fingers crossed I manage to get on this next train home! And to all other commuters out there, I hope you get home safe and well tonight too 🙂


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