Motivational Moments #5

A quote that I re-read today that really resonates within me and makes me feel a little bit more confident in just being me is:

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are” – Mandy Hale.

I’m not exactly the ‘normal’ (whatever that means)/stereotypical 19 year old. I woke up this morning to see my social media newsfeeds full of pictures of some of my friends looking beautiful last night before they’d been out clubbing. What did I do last night? Stayed at home with my Mum, continued writing my research report assignment for uni, updated my blog, helped my boyfriend set up a blog, drank tea / ate chocolate in my PJs and watched I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. When I woke up and saw my newsfeeds plastered with what seemed like ALL of my friends being out last night, I felt so rubbish about myself. I felt like a social outcast for not fitting in and I felt like I was boring for being me. But when I re-read this quote today it put things into perspective for me.
I may be different than the people on my newsfeed, but in the whole entire population of the planet, I am sure I am very similar to a lot of people. It’s cool to be different in some aspects to other people; it’s a cliche but the world really would be boring if everyone was the same.
One of my best friends from uni feels the same as me and we have a standing joke- every Monday we see each other and pretend to have done something super exciting at the weekend (as we both know that the other doesn’t really do much that’s that exciting haha). Last weekend I did something exciting though- I had a really lovely time meeting up with 2 of my best friends that I met at college- we ate a ridiculous amount of food & had a movie night, which consisted of only 1 film and a LOT of chattering… my idea of a perfect night with friends 💟

So basically I really love this quote because it allows me to feel like I can just be myself. I am a bit weird, I worry too much, I doubt my abilities, I get excited about tiny silly things, I love too easily and I have an addiction to tea and chocolate. But all those things make me Lucy and without them I wouldn’t be the same. The message I want you to take from this blog is to please please please be happy with who you are.
If you love going partying – go and party! If you love reading – take a trip to the library and tell people about your favourite books. If you love baking – go to Pinterest and find a fab recipe and bake it! Love sitting and doing nothing? Just chill!
Just be yourself, and the real people in your life with absolutely love you for it 😊


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