Lucy’s Life – SLT Placement

So last week I went on my first ever SLT placement as an undergrad student and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I have had to date!

I was absolutely terrified before it; the thought of having to communicate to a mass of 4 year old children filled me with fear, especially when my mind was so focused on all of the data I needed to collect whilst I was there for my coursework. However I really surprised myself. When I got there on Monday, I was instantly put at ease when all the children came in smiling and asking me who I was and wondering if I would be their friend and sit next to them! I really did not expect to feel so welcomed but as it turns out, a lot of us could learn a few life lessons from 4 year olds.

I gained so much confidence over the course of the week, talking on a professional level with the other staff but also in controlling groups of children and feeling confident enough to do this. Alongside collecting the data I needed for my assignment, I took on a teaching assistants role and although this was a daunting prospect when I was first asked to do this by the teacher, I am actually super glad I threw myself into it and really gave it my best shot. Everyday I led a phonics group, a numeracy group and listened to numerous children reading. This definitely allowed me to develop my skills in working with children and I learnt an incredible amount from this experience.

All in all I absolutely loved my first placement and am so proud of myself for really getting involved and making the most out of it. I feel so blessed to have been welcomed into the school as I was and cannot think of anything negative to say about my experience at all.

If anyone reading this has any questions about placements or anything to do with 1st year SLT undergrad course then please feel free to ask – I would love to try and be a help to someone.
Thank you for your continued support in reading my blog 🙂


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