Reminiscing: 4 years today

4 years ago today was such a sad day. My beautiful great-gran (my Nanawin) passed away. But instead of this post being a morbid, depressing read, I want it to celebrate and reflect the happy emotions I feel when I think of her.
The reason I am now a Speech and Language Therapy undergraduate student is all down to my NW; until I saw the amazing work the SLTs did for her, I didn’t understand the importance of their role. The unfortunate circumstances of my great-gran’s illness led me into the career path for my dream job, and I love her even more than I already did for that reason ♥
She was such a lovely, caring, kind-hearted lady who would do anything for anybody, and I hope so much that one day I become a lady as lovely as her. She was an inspiration and a good friend to many and her memory still very much lives on in a lot of our lives. This day 4 years ago, I lost one of my bestfriends to heaven, but I know she is still watching over me- my guardian angel- and every day I strive to make her proud.


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