Time Flies…

Oh my goodness.. I cannot believe how long ago it is since I last posted and I feel so guilty!
I have been so incredibly busy; I started University on the 21st September and since then the time has flown by and some incredible things have happened. I have made some fabulous new friends, my confidence is growing day by day, I’m learning so many new things, I’m getting involved in lots of different things that I never would have done before.

I’m a commuter to Uni, and this was a worry of mine that I wasn’t going to fit in or make friends as I wasn’t living in halls. But fear not if you are considering living at home too- I am absolutely loving it. Yeah, the trains are a bit of a nightmare in terms of how busy they get, but at some point in life I would have to get used to this so I don’t mind it. I still get involved in societies and social events and so in this way, commuting has not affected anything.

My course is absolutely amazing and more and more each day I am becoming more and more convinced that this is absolutely, definitely, 100% the right career for me. We cover such a broad range of subjects; biology, linguistics, phonetics, developmental psychology, research methods, child language acquisition… the list goes on! And I’m finding out so many interesting things, things that I would just simply have taken for granted before but now I am more aware of. I am so passionate and am going to work so hard to (hopefully) succeed.

I am hoping to start back writing more regularly from now on, and hopefully will cover some interesting things, perhaps topics I have covered in Uni. For anyone who has started Uni this year, good luck with everything! I hope you’re all settled in and enjoying things as much as I am. 🙂


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