Thickened Liquid Challenge: 8am

I am part way through my first drink: a cup of tea with 2 scoops of thickener (1 scoop per 100 ml). I’m already finding it very hard as the texture of the drink is really odd. Even though I have nearly finished the drink, I still don’t feel particularly hydrated which is strange. It has already opened my eyes to the struggle that the people who use this go through, and I commend them all because I don’t know how they do it.
So.. my opinion on thickened tea?
Yuck. I don’t rate it very highly at all. It didn’t feel very hydrating or refreshing and the texture was incredibly odd. This may just be because it’s my first experience of using thickener, so I will have to confirm this later when I have another cup of tea tonight!


The residue on this spoon shows what the texture of the cup of tea feels like in your mouth. It’s not that pleasant at all.



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