Lucy’s Thickened Liquid Challenge

I have now finally set the date for my fundraising challenge!
On Tuesday 8th September 2015 I am thickening any liquids I drink from 8am til 8pm with a special powder, to raise money for the Stroke Association. I am going to keep my blog updated on how the challenge goes, and hopefully will find out which drinks are nice after being thickened and which ones aren’t so nice. This information will hopefully help others who need their drinks thickened to choose a drink which will still taste nice for them, as this is something we struggled to find for my Nanawin.

If anyone would like to sponsor me to complete my 12 hour thickened liquid challenge then click on the link below to go to my JustGiving page. If you don’t want to donate that’s absolutely fine, but PLEASE read up on the signs and symptoms of strokes and mini-strokes; the information can help save lives and the earlier a stroke is treated, the less badly a person is affected. A previous post of mine can be seen here which outlines a few signs and symptoms.

Thank you!


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