Musical Memories

Music is a really magical thing. I absolutely love how one song can capture so many feelings and bring back a lot of memories. At the hospital on my Grandad’s ward, they have a little radio which is positioned on the windowsill next to my Grandad’s bed. The other day when we went visiting, a really freaky thing happened; ‘Jar of Hearts’ by Christina Perri came on. It was freaky because the exact same song came on the radio one time when I was visiting my Nanawin in hospital on the stroke ward. It brought back a lot of memories and I was amazed at how powerful the connection between music and memories is.
It also fascinates me how the artist has one meaning for the song, but how all the different listeners can interpret their own meanings of the song. For me, ‘Jar of Hearts’ is about questioning why do strokes happen; in particular the lyrics “Who do you think you are, running round leaving scars…”. For some reason, those words really connect that thought in my mind and will always remind me of sitting on the stroke ward, seeing a lot of weary sights and thinking ‘how the hell is any of this fair?’. It doesn’t just affect the person who has a stroke but their families too. It’s a heart breaking illness and I hope that anyone who has been or is currently affected by it is able to stay strong in the hope that one day it will get easier.
Music is also sometimes used as a form of therapy and I am hoping to find out a little bit more about this through researching the topic fully and then I will be able to publish a post about how music therapy can help and the science behind it. I will also try and get some useful links so that if the therapy sounds helpful for you and anyone you know, you can get some more information and advice from the professionals.


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