Lucy’s Life – Ladies who Lunch

I have had so much fun today! I spent time catching up with two of my best friends from college. These two girls are fabulous fun to be around and are so similar to me- they’re awesome! One of my friends is going to uni this year to study psychology and hopes to continue this in the future to become a clinical psychologist. The other is starting a course for adult nursing and hopes to end up working on a cardiology ward or maybe even A&E. So between us we will be able to look after a lot of people in the future!

Our little trip today consisted of a game of bowling (very eventful!) and then lunch afterwards. At the bowling alley we were allocated lane 13 and from that point on we knew things were going to go downhill- firstly we couldn’t get the barriers to come up (and we were useless without them!), then none of the pins would clear and the whole lane was broken, then this happened AGAIN and a technician had to come and sort it out. I haven’t laughed as much in ages and I am so glad we were able to finally all meet up and have a good catch up. After bowling we decided to go to a local restaurant (Harvester) for lunch and it was delicious! And we even had spare time after lunch to go and have a quick look around some of the shops. I spent £2 on 2 really cute pink folders and it rounded our little trip off nicely- very typical Lucy to buy stationery 🙂
All in all I have had a fabulous day and feel truly blessed to have some amazing friends who I can be completely myself around. We’re currently planning our next trip out (or night in), so keep watching for more updates!


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