Summer Project from MMU

If you have read one of my previous blog posts titled ‘Quick Update’ (click here to read), you will know that I got the A Levels I needed to get into my first choice university, which was Manchester Metropolitan University to study Speech Pathology and Therapy. I was so extremely happy and relieved when I found out that I cried! Since results day, MMU have been in contact; sending information regarding the welcome week and freshers, and also I have been assigned a summer project to do. It involves reading an article based on clinical linguistics and phonetics and then answering some set questions that are related to this article. The purpose of this is to introduce the new SLT students to some of the terminology that we will be using on the course and it is all very exciting. Some of the information and words I recognise, either from the subject knowledge I gained through my A Level subjects or through further reading I have done into the speech pathology and therapy profession. But some of it is brand new to me, and although it is slightly daunting I am fascinated and cannot wait to get started!
A particularly interesting aspect that I read about was the fact that when we hear the term ‘disordered language’ we seem to imagine that the speech makes no sense at all. But it has actually been found in many cases that despite the individual having an impairment with part of their language, they often use the same substitutions and so in fact their language isn’t disordered, it is in an order that is their own rather than the standard, usual language formations.
Once I have started uni and have more knowledge and experiences to share then I will update this on my blog when I have time. I love being able to talk about the new things I learn and so this blog is the perfect place to post about it, and also the information will hopefully be beneficial to anyone who is perhaps thinking of picking this course to start at uni 🙂


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