Motivational Moments #4

Pinterest is a particular favourite website of mine (I would recommend you go and take a look if you haven’t ever been on it). You can search for anything and everything and create your own boards where you can pin new things onto it. I have several different boards and one of them is my ‘inspiration board’. One of my recently added quotes to this is:

“Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey”

I love this so much! It’s a really simple thing but it’s important to keep in mind. It’s all too easy sometimes to turn a blind eye when someone isn’t feeling their best, especially if you aren’t sure how to help them or how to deal with their situation. But sometimes the little things are the things that mean the most. Simply smiling or having a joke with someone. Sending them a little handwritten note letting them know that you’re there for them. The little things are those that we cherish the most and help us through the hard times. Recently my skies have been a little grey but my best friend (aka my boyfriend Sam) has got me through it. He hasn’t done anything massive or extravagant, but simply knowing he is there for me really helps. Yesterday he invited me round and we put together his new bed as he is having his room re-decorated. To other people this might just sound like a boring, mundane task but it was actually extremely fun & rewarding! It also helped to take my mind off everything else as we had to figure out what all the different pieces were for and how they fitted together. Having someone like Sam in my life makes those grey sky days that little bit easier, and opens my eyes up to how important it is to try and be someone’s sunshine.
I really hope that you all have someone to help your grey days become a little brighter 🙂 and remember, keep smiling!


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