Stroke Survivor – my strong-willed Grandad

I am so happy to be back blogging again! Despite it still being a busy time in my life, a lot of the craziness has subsided and now my family have adopted a ‘new normal’ so I have found time to write my blog again.
As you may have read in one of my previous posts linked here, just under 3 weeks ago my Grandad had a stroke. I am pleased to be able to say that he is making steady progress. Today when we went to visit him, the physiotherapist was waiting to see us to tell us how well he is doing. With the help of 2 people he is now able to walk more than 6 steps!!! This is absolutely amazing news and means that my Grandad is getting more and more mobility back each day. But it hasn’t always been as good. If I rewind back to last week, he was only able to slightly move his finger and thumb- it was a flicker of a movement that you had to really watch out for. Every movement seemed such a struggle and he had to concentrate so much. Still now when Grandad is doing the tasks that the physiotherapist and occupational therapists have set for him, he has to concentrate so hard. One of these tasks is trying to touch his nose with his bad hand and I have never seen someone struggle so much. It was really hard to watch as a strong, intelligent man was reduced to concentrating so much on just one simple task that I and many others would take for granted. He has to use a little mirror and practice saying ‘oo’, ‘aa’, and ‘ee’ and has to practice raising his shoulders up and down. Even though he has to do these little (seemingly simple) tasks that sound like he is struggling, he is still doing incredibly well and hopefully will continue progressing too, especially as he is so determined to get home. He keeps setting himself little goals with the help of us and as he reaches these he sets new ones, and due to his strong-will and hard work the physiotherapists are over the moon with his progress. My good old Grandad might be down, but he won’t be beaten. I’m so proud of his determination- he’s an inspiration. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and I will keep updating on his progress. Thank you!


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