Quick Update

I can’t believe how long ago it is since I have posted and I have so much to write about! The past few weeks have been so hectic. Not only have I been on a family holiday to Rhodes, my Grandad has had a stroke, my brother has moved to Barcelona but also… I received my A Level results and I got ABBB which meant I got into my first choice Manchester Metropolitan University to do BSc SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND THERAPY 😀

I am absolutely over the moon about this last piece of news! I genuinely have worked so hard to gain those grades and truly believe that this is the perfect next step in my life. I am so incredibly excited to start the course; I have been sent a summer project to complete already which is getting me even more geared for starting. I hope that anyone else who was waiting on exam results got the grades they were hoping for and deserved- it’s such a stressful time but just remember that things do always happen for a reason. Even if that reason is difficult to see at the time, further down the line you may be able to look back and realise why things didn’t quite work out they way you planned but that it was for the best anyway.
If anyone who reads this is on a SLT course now and could offer me any hints or top tips for how to be successful then please comment on this post- it would be much appreciated as I am slightly nervous as I know how demanding the discipline is! Thank you 🙂


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