Lucy’s Life – What a Week!

This week has been fabulous! I have had lots of good news and some very special moments that I am proud to be able to share. So before I can tell you the news, I’ll have to explain a few things šŸ™‚
As well as having a part time job working in retail, I also tutor an 11 year old girl twice a week and have done so for the past 2 years. She is such a hard worker who never gives up and puts her absolute all in to the work we have done together over the past few years. In May, this girl took her SATs and we were both a little bit nervous because in the same week that she was doing those, I was starting my first exam! However all those worries she had were replaced by relief and happiness this week, as we found out that she had achievedĀ amazing (and well deserved)Ā SATs results šŸ˜€
ALSO… yesterday she attended a prize giving ceremony at her school and she was awarded the prize of the best reader out of everyone there!Ā I am so incredibly proud of her and her drive to succeed. Despite all the ups and downs- the hard pieces of maths homework (that sometimes even I found slightly challenging!), the worries about tests, the constant spelling and times table practice etc- she has done so well and I couldn’t be more pleased for her. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years; completing projects, learning through activities such as baking and making our own chocolate (a particular highlight of mine), partaking in competitions and always using bright coloured pens and paper when trying to remember things, and finding out this fab news has rounded it all off perfectly.

And if all that excitement and happiness wasn’t enough, I also got to attend one of my best friends’ proms yesterday. Libby is a brilliant best friend; she is down to earth, always herself, makes me laugh a lot and allows me to be myself too. As a surprise, her family had arranged for her friends to be waiting outside her house with a limo to pick her up to take her to prom and Libs loved it! I don’t think she stopped smiling once- she was dancing and singing along to all the songs in the limo and waving at anyone and everyone through the windows. When we arrived at the place where her prom was being hosted, Libby was so happy because she was with all her friends from school and she couldn’t wait to get inside and get the celebration started!

There’s no better feeling than seeing the people you care about the most being carefree and happy, and this week I’ve witnessed a lot of happiness. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and I am grateful that I have had such a fabulous week & I hope anyone who reads this isĀ having a great week too!


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