Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start)

When I first applied to Uni through UCAS, I knew I was going to have to attend interviews in order to be considered for an offer of a place on the course, and it made me so nervous. Don’t get me wrong, writing a personal statement is quite a stressful time and that made me apprehensive, but attending interviews is a whole different thing.

(Oh I forgot to mention, it was also scary waiting to be offered an interview from each University as they aren’t guaranteed, they’re offered on the basis of your personal statement)

So, I received offers for 4 interviews and got rejected by 1 University. Despite being set back by the straight out rejection (as this was the first University to reply to me), I remained positive and attended each of the interviews. Perhaps foolishly, I thought that once I had been to one interview I would know what to expect from the others. This turned out NOT to be the case, as each one was pretty different. At some Uni’s they consisted of just written interviews, at others there were both written and spoken interviews, and at another there was also a listening test. Despite it being a stressful time, I actually found myself enjoying the spoken interview (*a separate post will cover this in more detail*) as it really reflected the work Speech Therapists do and made me even more passionate about this career.

And that was the first part of the journey into becoming an SLT student! I will be updating my blog shortly with more posts about what happened next 🙂


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